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Session Transcript: T.E. Bunny
(Therapist's note: The following transcript does not represent any sort of breach of confidentiality. Mr. Bunny has indicated to me both verbally and in writing that he wishes for this information to become public. Attached is a photo indicating that my client is quite an average-looking bunny, with long ears and a small nose which often twitches. The client supports my conclusion that this twitching is a nervous tic, and we are currently working on minimizing the behavior.)
THERAPIST:  So, Mr. uh, "The" I understand that you are experiencing significant occupational dissatisfaction. What can you tell me about that?
EB: A lot! I hope you have a lot of time, buster.
THERAPIST: We have 56 minutes.
EB: Well, as you can guess, I am the Easter Bunny. And there's only one of me. And I'll tell you why I wish there wasn't.  I don't get how anyone expects one little white bunny to do this job. Momma says I was a runt. How am I supposed to carry those prissy little ba
:iconelvensoul06:ElvenSoul06 2 6
A Hanging Maiden
A figure sickly and flawless hangs in a shadowed corner; she is made of cloth. Made of cloth ad clothed in sunset. She, a dancer perfect, stands on tiptoe to see the butterflies and dream of a dance to perfect, though they dance no more than she. They are still, but still she hopes to reach them one day, to see how they learned to fly. She strives to reach them. They are tethered to her wrists on silver strings, but she will never know.
:iconelvensoul06:ElvenSoul06 1 7
Musings on Dreams
What makes a dreamer? One thinks of dreamers as people who care little about mundane realities, choosing instead to fabricate entire worlds of their own, worlds that they are hard-pressed to make others understand. Those on the outside tend to think that dreams are wispy, transient things rendered meaningless by the merciless rules of reality. For me, at least, the truth is this: dreams are an intrinsic part of oneself, such that one can’t fully experience the world without them.
In elementary school, I rode the short bus. I watched, detached, as the aide fastened my wheelchair into the special space, making the usual cheerful chitchat. They managed to trap me quite completely; no wonder I had an irrational fear of abandonment. If the aides left me there, there was no way in hell I’d get off that bus until they saw fit to come back. Perhaps my daydreaming habit started as a response to the stifled boredom of those rides. The driver would make more random chitchat after the
:iconelvensoul06:ElvenSoul06 6 4
SotC: Cursed Road - Part 1
The chief’s son stirred in the slanted morning sunlight, the bed creaking softly under his weight. When he had regained enough presence of mind to see the hour, he rose quickly. Yesterday’s harvest festival preparations must have taxed him more than he’d thought, but because most of the work has been done, he would be able to relax today.
He crossed the room to retrieve his clothing from a wicker basket in the corner as the sun made patterns on the rough earthen wall nearby. Yes, these were his favorites: a simple tan-colored tunic, leggings the color of leaves, and a leather belt adorned with bird feathers from his many hunts.  Finally, he slipped his tabard over his head, a symbol of his respected status in the tiny village. It hardly had need of a chief, but old birthrights still lingered from a long-ago time of unity among the many villages, and the people were ever reluctant to dissolve them in hopes that the ancient bloodline could once again be great.
:iconelvensoul06:ElvenSoul06 2 6
Character Sketch - Julian
The vampire Julian walks through a storm, and where he’ll end up inside of it is a mystery. Will he stay in the eye of the tempest today and be gentle and silent and kind? Or will he live on the edge, in wind, rain, and blood, consumed by a sharp and ruthless lust for a beating heart to call his own? Alas, they are stopped dead when he reaches in to hold them close, and so he gains nothing. For him all is ruin: broken toys and forgotten figures of glass and stone. He keeps these things within the storm to remind him of his own existence, of years nearly passed out of memory. Gray skies stain everything the color of death to put his soul at ease.
:iconelvensoul06:ElvenSoul06 50 23
GWPE - Extended Ending
When I made my choice, the choice I knew I had to make, I set my feet carefully along the edge of the point and went the way it told me, walking steadily. It seemed as though my master’s stormy gaze was still fixed upon me, watching as I left his fragile, beautiful world forever. I dared not think of the sad regret his eyes had shown me. It did not matter, it could not.
My thoughts fled to Pieter. I remembered how he had called my name as I stood at the window, indignant and anguished at once. He was a good man, kind and sensitive, and I would be a fool to reject him.
I walked purposefully through the bustling streets to the Meat Hall, Resisting the impulse to act rudely, I stood with my eyes fixed on the cobbles under my feet. I tried to appear calm, as if I were simply running an errand and would continue with my normal routine when I returned home . But I knew that return was not to be. When I finally reached Pieter, he started to ask me what I would like today, but quickly sa
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Broken Innocence by nell-fallcard Broken Innocence :iconnell-fallcard:nell-fallcard 288 41


United States
People were bored after looking at Saimain's gallery almost 10,000 times! What should I do, guys? :XD: I could write something. Or make a video. Turns out I'm pretty awesome at it.

Please check said videos out! :D… I've always wanted a real Youtube account. :boogie:
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